There is No Other Pillow Like a Dr. Marink’s

Why Dr. Marink’s Pillows Are So Unique

You’ve never slept on a pillow that’s like a Dr. Marink’s pillow before. Our pillow designs are backed by years of scientific research and testing to ensure they support healthy sleep posture AND offer you unmatched comfort.

By cradling your head and neck in the most natural position possible, our contoured pillows do more than simply provide you with a good night’s sleep – they allow you to wake up feeling rested with less pain, stiffness, and discomfort than you typically experience when sleeping on other pillows. There is plenty of research available regarding the numerous health benefits that getting a good night’s sleep can provide. Why not allow yourself to get the best sleep possible every time you sleep by using a Dr. Marink’s pillow?

And since our unique pillows are patented worldwide, you won’t find another pillow like it…anywhere!

Worldwide Patents

Dr. Marink’s pillows have received numerous patents worldwide. Why? Because they truly improve the support your neck and upper back need to get the best possible sleep and because of the unique way you can customize a Dr. Marink’s pillow for the ultimate in comfort. Need to see some proof? Dr. Marink’s pillows have been proven in case studies to keep people’s necks in their natural rested state during sleep – see the results for yourself in these selected case studies. No other pillow compares to the comfort and support a Dr. Marink’s pillow provides!

Custom Spacer System

No matter what your body size or posture, or how firm or soft your bed is, your Dr. Marink’s pillow can be precisely customized with our unique spacer system to consistently provide you the ultimate comfort and support night after night (or any time you sleep!). Your pillow comes with easy-to-follow instructions to determine the ideal thickness for your unique self and once you set the pillow and spacers in our custom contoured pillow cover, all you have to do is lay down on the pillow whenever you need to sleep and… ahhhhhhhh pure, blissful comfort every single time! No more having to bunch up your pillow every time you sleep hoping to get it just right!

Uniform Support

Our pillows support all areas of your body that come in contact with it to eliminate pressure points and allow your muscles to fully relax.  This support helps maintain proper cervical spine (neck) alignment during sleep, whether you naturally have normal alignment (referred to as “normal lordotic curvature”) or even if, over the course of time or by injury, your neck, to use a “medical” term, is out of whack. Also, if you sleep on your side, and you use our side sleeper or combo sleeper pillow, the torsional stress on your spine in your upper back will be significantly reduced.

Styles to Fit How You Sleep

Dr. Marink’s pillows come in three styles to accommodate different sleeping positions:

The Dr. Marink’s Difference

All it takes is about one week of sleeping on a Dr. Marink’s pillow to see what we mean by the Dr. Marink’s difference – and to understand why our satisfied customers say they’ll never sleep on another pillow again.