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Our patented, meticulously designed spacer system contour pillows ensure unparalleled comfort for your head and neck every time you sleep; there’s nothing else like it on the market! 
  • Made in the USA from premium materials
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • 10-year warranty
  • Guaranteed better sleep

"I can say this is hands down the best pillow I have ever used. Not only am I sleeping much more soundly but a numbness I have had in two of my fingers literally disappeared after the first night of using my Dr. Marink’s Combo Pillow. My neck and shoulder stiffness have vastly improved as well. Yes, it is expensive by ‘pillow standards’ but what is a good night’s sleep worth...25 cents, 50 cents, a dollar? Now multiple any of that out by 10, 20, 30 years and you'll see this pillow is an absolute bargain!"

5 Reasons Why This Is the Last Pillow
You Will Ever Need to Buy

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1  |  Our patented adjustable support makes our pillows the most comfortable in the world. 
Every Dr. Marink’s pillow is customizable so you can adjust the pillow’s support until it’s just right for you. 

Unlike standard pillows that only come in small, medium, or large, our pillows allow you to adjust for your body type, posture, and the type of mattress you sleep on

2  |  There is no competition. Our pillows are literally the best!
The inventors of the pillow, actual doctors that specialize in fixing necks and backs, conducted comparative x-ray studies on the different types of pillows available, and guess what? Based on the results, the pillow you’re using is disrupting your proper neck alignment and causing muscle aches, stiffness, restless sleep… the list goes on. A Dr. Marink’s pillow does what a legitimate pillow should do. Click here to see the results. 

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3  |  Our pillows are made to last.
We are so confident in our product, that we offer you a 60-day money back guarantee plus a 10-year warranty for any pillow you purchase. All components of Dr. Marink’s meticulously designed, worldwide-patented pillows, including the fabric covers and packaging, are manufactured in the USA. 

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4  |  Our pillows are patented for more than just their design.
Because they actually do what a pillow should do – comfortably support your neck in the same natural position as it is when you are standing. And our pillow is the only pillow that can consistently do this night after night.  On a Dr. Marink’s pillow, you are guaranteed to sleep more comfortably, wake up more rested, and with fewer aches and pains.

5  |  Dr. Marink’s pillows are customizable to fit YOU. 
Upgrade your sleep with a  Dr. Marink’s Pillow. You will improve your sleep and your health.  You can easily customize your pillow to best fit your body size, posture, and how firm or soft your bed is with our patented support system!  Got a new mattress with a different firmness? You can easily adjust your pillow for this so unparalleled comfort will be awaiting you every time you lay on your pillow! 

People Are Raving About Dr. Marink's Pillows

It takes one night of sleeping on a Dr. Marink’s pillow to realize why other pillows cannot match the comfort of our pillows and why our satisfied customers say they’ll never sleep on another pillow again.

I am so happy that I found Dr. Marink’s pillow! I am diagnosed with arthritis in my neck and shoulder area and I had a lot of pain every day. Also I had tingling in my left arm. Since using the Dr. Marink’s pillow I wake up in the morning without any of these symptoms!! I feel much better and I can start my day without pain! I recommend this pillow to everyone! And it worths every penny. I don’t save when it comes to health.

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I want to start by saying, I truly was skeptical that Dr. John’s new pillow would help my neck pain. I had suffered for months with constant, daily, neck pain, that made it uncomfortable to do just about anything. I kept purchasing new pillows practically every week, trying to find one that would ease the pain upon waking. Dr. John’s pillow has taken away my neck pain! I no longer toss and turn to get my head comfortable. It truly has been a life-changer.

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