There’s an interesting story behind
our pillows

The Story Begins....

The story begins with Dr. John Marinkovic, D.C., an experienced chiropractor in New Jersey, who was having trouble sleeping.

For years he woke up in general discomfort and couldn’t fall back to sleep, even though he had no health issues or physical ailments. John tried numerous remedies to no avail and eventually began to suspect the problem stemmed from the pillow he was using at the time.

So he asked his partner and brother, Dr. Peter Marinkovic, D.C., to take x-rays of his neck while standing up and lying on a well-known, branded pillow.

The x-rays showed John had a normal curvature in his neck (called “normal lordotic curvature”) when standing, a critical component of healthy spinal alignment and restful sleep. But to his surprise, the well-known, branded pillow he was using – and had been recommending to his patients –completely  flattened the curve of his neck.

two white pillows
two white pillows and a red cushion on a bed

Knowing the negative affects poor spinal alignment can have, this finding led them to believe this was the cause of the general discomfort that woke him up every night.

The Plot Thickens...

Thinking the issues he uncovered were due to the pillow’s age, John tried a new pillow.

However, x-rays showed the curvature of his neck was still completely flattened when lying on it. Dr. John concluded what he thought was a good pillow was actually causing his poor sleep quality.

Understanding the importance of proper neck curvature and spine alignment to overall health and sleep quality, Drs. John and Peter Marinkovic began a comprehensive study of the many varied pillows available to people in stores to assess how each one affected neck curvature and spine alignment.

The Scientific Results...

What they found was that all pillows tested adversely shifted subjects’ neck curvatures outside of their natural rested states.

two thick white pillows
thick, white pillow

Amazed by the results, Drs. John and Peter Marinkovic became obsessed with developing a pillow that properly supports neck curvature, maintains proper spinal alignment, and is extremely comfortable to use.

Introducing the Dr. Marink's pillow...

Through extensive research and numerous design iterations, vetted by countless static and motion x-rays, the pillow evolved.

man using a contoured back-sleeper pillow

Dr. Marink’s pillows are the first anatomically-designed pillows that can factually claim the promotion of natural rested-state neck curvature during sleep, referred to as normal lordotic curvature.

Research shows that not only do people with normal neck curvature retain that natural state when sleeping on Dr. Marink’s pillows, but the pillows even promote normal neck curvature in people who have abnormal curvature while standing.

The Proof is in the Zzzs...

Every person using the Dr. Marink’s pillow following its debut has raved
about the comfort they experience and the better sleep they enjoy each night. Some of the greatest proof regarding the impact of the Dr. Marink’s pillow comes from John himself. After battling with years of restless nights, John
happily began sleeping through the night!


woman comfortably sleeping on a side-sleeper pillow
woman shown sleeping on a contoured white pillow

Experience the Dr. Marink’s difference – you’ll quickly discover why people who use this unique contoured pillow say they will never sleep on another pillow again!

Meet Our Pillow Creators...

Drs. John and Peter Marinkovic are chiropractors who have spent their careers utilizing a specialized chiropractic technique called the Results System.
This technique is irrefutably proven to correct treatable spines and necks to within medical norms.

It is designed to treat only specific misaligned vertebrae in the spine and neck causing a person’s symptoms and differs substantially from the generalized approach of traditional chiropractic care.

The expertise, passion, and reputation of Drs. John and Peter Marinkovic have attracted thousands of patients to their practice over the years, including celebrities and professional athletes.

It is due to their extensive experience in treating misalignments of patients’ necks and spines that John and Pete came to recognize the importance of proper neck alignment while sleeping.

man in a white long-sleeved shirt

Dr. John Marinkovic, D.C.

Dr. John Marinkovic has been treating patients since 1994. He received his Doctorate of Chiropractic (D.C.) at the Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic, earning the prestigious “Who’s Who Award” for academic excellence. After graduation, he studied with Dr. Anthony Pugliese, D.C., a world-renowned teacher of the Results System, a sophisticated computerized chiropractic treatment technique. In 1996, he opened his own practice in Paramus, New Jersey.

man in a white polo shirt

Dr. Peter Marinkovic, D.C.

Dr. Peter Marinkovic has been treating patients for nearly 10 years. He received his Doctorate of Chiropractic (D.C.) at the Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic. During his studies, he supplemented his doctoral curriculum with a focus on the Results System. After graduation, he studied with Dr. John Marinkovic and Dr. Anthony Pugliese.

Play the video to hear the Dr. Marink's Story from Dr. John. DC, himself!