Side Sleeper Pillow


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The Dr. Marink’s Side Sleeper Pillow cradles you in ultimate comfort and provides proper anatomical support while you sleep. The patented design of our side sleeper pillow keeps your head and neck in proper alignment no matter what side you sleep on – and even if you move from side to side. The premium ergonomic construction and custom spacer system allow your head and neck to rest uniformly and in such a natural position that it will put a smile on your face every tine you use it!

  • Patented, anatomically-engineered design
  • Contoured, ergonomic construction
  • Custom spacers that offer maximum & consistent comfort
  • Premium, high-density foam interior
  • Luxurious, embroidered, double-quilted cover
  • Fits in any standard-size pillow cover
  • Made in USA with 10-year warranty
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If you sleep on your side, the Dr. Marink’s Side Sleeper Pillow is the last pillow you’ll ever want to buy.

Patented Design

The Dr. Marink’s Side Sleeper Pillow cradles you in ultimate comfort while you sleep. The contoured cut-outs on each side of the pillow and custom spacer system precisely support your head and neck in its most natural position as you sleep on your side. This keeps your cervical spine in proper alignment and makes you feel like you’re sleeping on air. Our patented pillow design means you won’t find another pillow like it…anywhere.

Scientifically Developed

All Dr. Marink’s pillows were inspired by x-ray studies showing how pillow design impacts the alignment of the head, neck and back. Many popular pillows were tested and found to disrupt the proper anatomical position of the spine during sleep. Our revolutionary design is backed by scientific proof that proper spinal alignment is maintained when sleeping on the pillow. That’s why our pillows are so incredibly comfortable!

Customized Comfort

No matter what your body size or bed type, your Dr. Marink’s pillow will be the perfect height after customizing your pillow with our unique spacers, enhancing your personal comfort. And if something changes, just change the spacer configuration to keep your pillow feeling great. The included spacers let you change the height of your pillow in ¼ inch increments until it’s just right for you.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We’re so confident your Dr. Marink’s Combo Sleeper pillow will provide you with unparalleled comfort that we back it with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Made in the U.S.A. from premium materials, the Dr. Marink’s Combo Sleeper Pillow also comes with a 10-year warranty.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 24.75 × 12.5 × 6.75 in