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“I have been a chiropractor for around 30 years. In that time I have bought and tested dozens of pillows for myself and my patients.  Some were good, most were junk.  Finally there is a pillow I can call excellent.  It is based on science and more importantly – results.  Having used this pillow for over three months I can say this is hands down the best pillow I have ever used.  Not only am I sleeping much more soundly but a numbness I have had in two of my fingers literally disappeared after the first night of using Dr. Marink’s Two in One Pillow.  My neck and shoulder stiffness have vastly improved as well.  Yes, it is expensive by ‘pillow standards’ but what is a good night’s sleep worth?  Now multiple that by 10 years and I feel it is an absolute bargain!”

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Dr. Anthony Pugliese DC

(Author of "The Bullet Proof Practice")

“I want to start by saying, I truly was skeptical that Dr. John’s new pillow would help my neck pain. I had suffered for months with constant, daily, neck pain, that made it uncomfortable to do just about anything. I kept purchasing new pillows practically every week, trying to find one that would ease the pain upon waking. Dr. John’s pillow has taken away my neck pain! I no longer toss and turn to get my head comfortable. It truly has been a life-changer.”

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Maria F.

“I have had scoliosis since I was a kid and as an adult I notice that when I do not sleep aligned I have chronic migraines. I tried Dr. Marink's Combo pillow in hopes that it would help. This pillow is amazing... it keeps my neck aligned and I have been migraine free since sleeping on it. I use the combo pillow because I have to fall asleep on my side and sleep on my back during the night so this combo pillow fits all of my sleeping habits. It was easy to customize to my comfort level for my body with the provided set-up instructions. The quality of material is top notch- very soft and luxurious fabric with ease of care. Thank you for developing this pillow... a chiropractor that understands what people need to sleep better.”

Jodi K.

“I have this pillow for about 3 years now. At the beginning I had a little of a hard time because I have the both sides and back sleeper pillow and its pretty big. Its the best pillow I ever owned! Let me tell you worth every penny! Even the many pennies I paid. 😅 I love it !!!”

Eve G.

I am so happy that I found Dr. Marink’s pillow! I am diagnosed with arthritis in my neck and shoulder area and I had a lot of pain every day. Also I had tingling in my left arm. Since using the Dr. Marink’s pillow I wake up in the morning without any of these symptoms!! I feel much better and I can start my day without pain! I recommend this pillow to everyone! And it worths every penny. I don’t save when it comes to health.

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Kristian D.

“To all considering buying Dr. Marink’s pillow! “My experience with Dr. Marink’s pillow has been exceptional! I have tried other pillows and none have given the results that Dr. Marink’s pillow has!  I sleep more soundly, awaken without any neck pain, and feel refreshed in the morning.  My wife claims that it has all but stopped my snoring!! Dr. Marink’s pillow has been a blessing for me, and I recommend it wholeheartedly!”

James J.

“My wife purchased one of Dr Marink’s pillows a few months ago. I thought they were too expensive for a pillow. After listening to her rave about how great her neck felt after sleeping on one, I bought one for myself. Best decision ever!!! What a great pillow. I would definitely recommend it.”

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Brett A.

“Just been using the pillow for some time now. I have to say, I feel great!! No more morning headaches or neck aches. Highly recommend!!”

Cris V.

I bought two pillows, one for me and one for my boyfriend. There is no guarantee when you buy an expensive stuff that is going to work, or when you buy a cheap thing that it's not good. With this pillow I know I did the right thing and I am very happy with the purchase! This pillow is worth every penny I paid and even more!

Marija C.

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