Why Dr. Marink’s Pillows
Actually Help You Sleep Better

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The Inventors Are... Real Doctors!

The inventors are actual doctors that specialize in fixing necks and backs.

They x-rayed themselves while laying on countless pillows and took body radiation exposure for many  years in creating the patented Dr. Marink’s Contours and Spacer System.

Do you know of any other pillow manufacturers who have done that? We searched the net and couldn’t find it.

Side-by-side x-ray images showing the condition of a person's neck before and after treatment

X-ray Studies

The inventors performed many comparative x-ray studies on various pillow designs.
The results showed that most pillows shift your head into an un-natural position, disrupting the alignment of your cervical spine (neck) during sleep.

Dr. Marink’s pillows‘ three different designs (back sleeper, side sleeper, and combo sleeper) actually support your neck in its most natural, rested state.

Click here to see the results. 

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Worldwide Patents for All Three Pillow Types

Most pillows don’t have any patents because there is nothing that truly differentiates how they work.  

We have over 13 patents for the Contours, Spacer System, and Design for all three types of pillows we manufacture: Combo Sleeper, Side Sleeper, and Back Sleeper.

And we have patents all over the world: USA, Canada, EU, Australia, Korea, New Zealand, Japan, and others.

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Unique Custom Spacer System

The Dr. Marink’s pillows are designed to meet everyone’s individual requirements.

No matter what your body size or posture, or how firm or soft your bed is, your Dr. Marink’s pillow can be precisely customized with our unique Spacer System to your specific size (provides you the ultimate comfort and support every time you sleep).

Every pillow comes with easy-to-follow instructions to determine the ideal thickness for your unique self. Once you place the pillow and Spacers in our custom contoured pillow cover, your pillow is set up to your unique proportions.

Important: No more having to bunch up or fluff your pillow every time you sleep hoping to get it just right! The pillow can be re-adjusted to any size whenever you need.

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Unique Pillow Contours for all Three Pillow Types

The contour is built of various ribs with different thickness placed at specific angles that eliminate pressure points and gives you a feeling of floating when laying on it.

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Support of Cervical Alignment

Here is the answer to the question “Why It’s So Important for Your Spine to be Aligned?

Your body is an intricate system of interrelated parts. Through the individual bones (vertebrae) of your spine, thousands of nerves branch out and connect to all areas of your body, playing a vital role in your health and well-being.

When vertebrae are misaligned, it can aggravate or pinch the spinal cord and nerves exiting the spinal column.

This can cause health issues, not only around the area of misalignment but also in areas where affected nerves lead, such as muscle pain, stiffness, numbness, tingling, weakness, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome or general feelings of discomfort.



Our pillows support all areas of your body that come in contact with it, to eliminate pressure points and allow your muscles to fully relax.

This support helps maintain proper cervical spine (neck) alignment during sleep, whether you naturally have a normal alignment (referred to as “normal lordotic curvature”) or even if you injure your neck.

Also, if you sleep on your side, and you use our side sleeper or combo sleeper pillow, the torsional stress on your spine in your upper back will be significantly reduced.

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All Made in USA and BUILT TO LAST.

Our pillows are designed and made in the USA.

Also included is our quilted pillow covers that are double stitched. They are sewn by a retired Marine veteran owned company in New Jersey.

The quality of our pillows are like the products that were made in USA in the 1950’s: OVERBUILT and MADE TO LAST.

60-day money back guarantee

60 day Money Back Guarantee and 10 YEAR WARRANTY.

All the reasons above are why we are so confident in our product, that we offer you a 60-day money back guarantee plus a 10 year warranty for any pillow you purchase

Styles to Fit How You Sleep

Dr. Marink’s pillows come in three styles for three different sleeping positions:

Styles to Fit How You Sleep

1. Side Sleeper Pillows 
– For people who sleep on their side

Styles to Fit How You Sleep

2. Back Sleeper Pillows 
– For people who sleep on their backs

Styles to Fit How You Sleep

3. Combo Sleeper Pillows –
For people who alternate between back and side sleeping

Important: We didn’t make a stomach sleeping pillow because that position is horrible for your neck, what was proven through our 25 years’ of experience.

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